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Musings » Gardening
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Warren, Arete Swartz
Gardening by the Book
New York
The Garden Club of America
The Grolier Club 2013

Kirkpatrick, Jane
Where Lilacs Still Bloom
Colorado Springs,Colorado
Water Brook Press 2012

Stuart, David
Dangerous Garden
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard University Press 2004

Eck, Joe and Wayne Winterrowd
Our Life in Gardens
New York
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2009

Jekyll, Gertrude
Colour Schemes for the Garden
Heinemann 1925

The Year in Gardening – a critique

Thompson, Peter
The Looking Glass Garden; plants and gardens of the Southern hemisphere
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2001

Robinson, William
The English Flower Garden and Home Grounds
John Murray 1911

Patrick Taylor, editor
The Oxford Companion to the Garden
Oxford -- New York
Oxford University Press 2006

Lloyd, Christopher
Succession Planting for Year Round Pleasure
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2005

James Jiler
Doing Time in the Garden
Oakland, California
New Village Press 2006
Hill, Mary Brawley
On Foreign Soil: American gardeners abroad
New York
Harry N. Abrams 2005

Helphand, Kenneth L.
Defiant Gardens: making gardens in wartime
San Antonio, Texas
Trinity University Press 2006

Gildermeister, Heidi
Gardening the Mediterranean Way: how to create a waterwise, drought-tolerant garden
Harry N. Abrams Inc 2004

Genders, Roy
The Cottage Garden and the old-fashioned flowers
Pelham Books 1969 (re-issued 1987)

Eglin, Anthony
The Blue Rose
New York
St Martin's Press 2004

Dickey, Page with photography by John M. Hall
Gardens in the Spirit of Place
New York
Stewart, Tabori and Chang 2005

Denk, Barbara J. and Debra Prinzing
The Abundant Garden: a celebration of color, texture and blooms
Nashville, Tennessee
Cool Springs Press 2005

Browning, Dominique
The New Garden Paradise: great private gardens of the world
New York
W. W. Norton 2005

Adams, Denise Wiles
Restoring American Gardens: an encyclopedia of heirloom ornamental plants 1640 to 1940
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2009