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Pitschel Prize

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The winners of the Pitschel Prize, from left to right: Tara Whitefield, Patricia Fillingame, Judith Taylor and Ildiko Polony
2015 Winners: 
1st Prize: Patricia Fillinghame
2nd Prize: Ildiko Polony
3rd Prize: Tara Whitefield
2014 Winners: 
1st Prize: Veronica Voss-Macomber
2nd Prize: Nichole Davis
3rd Prize: Zann Cannon Goff
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Barbara Pitschel, 1939 – 2010, had been the Head Librarian at the Helen Crocker Russell Library of the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum for almost 30 years when she died. As a way to commemorate a truly remarkable woman I created this competition for the students in the environmental horticulture department at the City College of San Francisco. The candidates have to write an essay of up to 1000 words on any aspect of the topic “Natural California” and illustrate it with images they have created themselves.


FIRST: $750
SECOND: $500
THIRD: $250

In addition the essay submitted by the winner of the first prize may be published in Pacific Horticulture.