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The transition from physician to horticultural historian was a very pleasurable one, punctuated by having to read many interesting and informative books. The San Francisco Garden Club has a small but significant library, representing shifts and changes in horticulture over six decades. I made a practice of reading a different book each month and writing a review of the club’s gazette. At the same time I was also reading on a much wider scale and from time to time wrote about books I had found in other places.

What follows are the reviews which incorporate my ideas about the books and their authors, or “musings”.
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Hyams, Edward Solomon
An Englishman’s Garden
Thames and Hudson

Wilson, Ernest H.
Aristocrats of the Garden
Boston, Massachusetts
The Stratford Company 1932

H.Harold Hume
New York
Macmillan 1948

Lawrence, Elizabeth
Beautiful at all Seasons
Durham, North Carolina
Duke University Press 2007

Tebitt, Mark
Begonias: Cultivation, Identification and Natural History
Portland, Oregin
Timber Press 2005

Botanica’s Roses
San Diego, California
Laurel Glen Press 2000

City College of San Francisco: A History and How To Grow A School Garden
Arcadia Publishing 2010 and Timber Press 2010

Koopowitz, Harold
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2002

Jekyll, Gertrude
Colour Schemes for the Garden
Heinemann 1925

Maree, Johannes & van Wyk, Ben-Erik
Cut Flowers of the World
Timber Press 2010

Stuart, David
Dangerous Garden: the quest for plants to change our lives
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Harvard University Press 2004

Helphand, Kenneth L.
Defiant Gardens: making gardens in wartime
San Antonio, Texas
Trinity University Press 2006

James Jiler
Doing Time in the Garden
Oakland, California
New Village Press 2006

Haworth-Booth, Michael
Effective Flowering Shrubs
New York
Collins 1951

van Gelderen, C. J. and D.M. van Gelderen
Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas
Portland, Oregon -- Cambridge, UK
Timber Press 2004

Martin, Clair
English Roses for American Gardens
New York
Workman's Press for Smith and Hawken 1997

Lester Morse
Field Notes on Sweet Peas
C.C. Morse and Co. 1917

Elliott, Brent
Flora: An Illustrated History of the Garden Flower
Willowdale, Ontario 2001

Fairchild, David
Garden Islands of the Great East
New York
Charles Scribners Sons 1943

Warren, Arete Swartz
Gardening by the Book
New York
The Garden Club of America
The Grolier Club 2013

Gildemeister, Heidi
Gardening the Mediterranean Way: How to Create a Waterwise, Drought-Tolerant Garden
Harry N. Abrams Inc 2004

Horwood, Catherine
Gardening Women: their stories from 1600 to the present
Virago Press 2010

Dickey, Page with photography by John M. Hall
Gardens in the Spirit of Place
New York
Stewart, Tabori and Chang 2005

nderton , E. W. and Ron Park
Growing Gladioli
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press

Hull, Kathleen MD
Guide to the Medicinal Plant Garden of the Indiana Medical History Museum
Indianapolis, Indiana
Indiana Medical History Museum 2010

Dykes, William Rickatson
Handbook of Garden Irises
New York
Martin Hopkinson 1924

Salaman, Redcliffe
History & Social Influence of the Potato
Cambridge University Press 1949

Taylor, Judith M

San Francisco

Young, Terence, Hart, John, Russell A. Beatty and Michael Boland
Interesting parallels — Building San Francisco’s Parks 1850-1930, and Gardens of Alcatraz
Baltimore - London - San Francisco
The Johns Hopkins Press 2004 California Golden Gate National Parks Assoc 1996

Scanniello, Stephen
Jackson and Perkins Rose Companion: Growing Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs and Vines with Roses
Nashville, Tennessee
Cool Springs Press 2004

McRae, Edward A.
Lilies: A Guide for Growers and Collectors
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 1998

Gary Kawaguchi
Living With Flowers
San Francisco. California
Flower Market Inc. 1993

Dane, Clemence
London Has a Garden
New York
W.W Norton 1964

Matschat, Cecile
Mexican Plants for American Gardens
Houghton Mifflin 1932

Harriett Risley Foote
Mrs. Foote’s Rose Book
Charles T. Branford Co. 1948

Cullina, William
Native Trees, Shrubs and Vines: a guide to using, growing and propagating North American woody plants
Boston -- New York
Houghton Mifflin 2002

Allyson Hayward
Norah Lindsay: life and art of a garden designer
Francis Lincoln 2007

Logan, William Bryant
Oak: the frame of civilization
New York
W.W. Norton 2005
Hill, Mary Brawley
On Foreign Soil: American gardeners abroad
New York
Harry N. Abrams 2005

Taylor, Judith M

On Writing Books
San Francisco

Eck, Joe and Winterrowd, Wayne
Our Life in Gardens
New York
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2009

Cook, Farrar Genders and Jordan
Pansies, Violas and Sweet Violets

Manandhar, Narayan P.
Plants and People of Nepal
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2002

Hobhouse, Penelope
Plants in Garden History
Pavilion Books 1992 (re-issued 2004)

Anderson, Christine and Terry Tischer
Pointsettias: Myth & Legend
Tiburon, California
Waters Edge Press 2000

Yoshida, Toshio
Portraits of Himalayan Flowers
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2002

Adams, Denise Wiles
Restoring American Gardens: an encyclopedia of heirloom ornamental plants 1640 to 1940
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2009

D'Ursel, Nanda and Edith Dasnoy
Roses des Jardins de Hex
Tielt, Belgium
Editions Lannoo 1995

Dallman, Peter and Scot Medbury
San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum: an introduction to a world of plants
San Francisco
San Francisco Botanical Garden Society 2005

Lloyd, Christopher
Succession Planting for Year Round Pleasure
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2005

Denk, Barbara J. and Debra Prinzing
The Abundant Garden: a celebration of color, texture and blooms
Nashville, Tennessee
Cool Springs Press 2005

The American Gardener: Magazine of the American Horticultural Society
Alexandria, Virginia
May / June 2014

Eglin, Anthony
The Blue Rose
New York
St Martin's Press 2004

Kramer, Fay
The Butcher’s Daughters: the recycled recollections of two 20th century sisters
Published by Fay Kramer 2001

Burbidge, Frederick William
The Chrysanthemum
"The Garden" office 1884

Vaughan, Mary Jane
The Complete Book of Cut Flower care
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 1998

Genders, Roy
The Cottage Garden and the old-fashioned flowers
Pelham Books 1969 (re-issued 1987)

Robinson, William
The English Flower Garden and Home Grounds
John Murray 1911

Wilder, Louis Beebe
The Fragrant Path
New York
TheMacmillan Company 1932

The Garden – Magazine of the Royal Horticultural Society
London, England
April 2014

Hockaday, Joan
The Gardens of San Francisco
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 1988

Hertrich, William
The Huntington Botanical Gardens 1905-1949: Personal Recollections of William Hertrich, Curator Emeritus
San Marino, California
The Huntington Library 1949

Browning, Dominique
The New Garden Paradise: great private gardens of the world
New York
W. W. Norton 2005

Thompson, Peter
The Looking Glass Garden; plants and gardens of the Southern hemisphere
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2001

Berliocchi, Luigi
The Orchid in Lore and Legend
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 1996

Patrick Taylor, editor
The Oxford Companion to the Garden
Oxford -- New York
Oxford University Press 2006

Brittain, Julia
The Plant Lover's Companion
Horticultural Books 2006

Philips, Roger and Martyn Rix
The Random House Book of Shrubs
New York
Random House 1989

Ward, Frank Kingdon
The Romance of Gardening
Jonathan Cape 1935

McFarland, J Horace
The Rose in America
New York
The Macmillan Company 1923

Rice, Graham
The Sweet Pea Book
Portland, Oregon
Timber Press 2002

Tudge, Colin
The Tree; a natural history of what trees are, how they live and why they matter
New York
Crown Publishers 2006

The Year in Gardening – a critique

Tyrrell, Ian
True gardens of the Gods: Californian-Australian environmental reform, 1860 - 1930
Berkeley -- Los Angeles -- London
University of California Press 1999

Kirkpatrick, Jane
Where Lilacs Still Bloom
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Water Brook Press 2012

Mitchell, Sydney Bancroft
Your California Garden and Mine
New York
M. Barrows and Company, inc 1947